Biology notes

for NEET and AIIMS exams
  1. Plant Growth and Movement

  2. Diversity in the living world

  3. Reproduction health

  4. Evolution

  5. Human reproduction and embryonic development

  6. Transport in plants

  7. Photosynthesis

  8. Sexual reproduction in flowering plants

  9. Digestion and absorption

  10. Chemical co-ordination and integration

  11. Environmental issues

  12. Body fluids and circulation

  13. Human health I (disease)

  14. Human health II (immunity)

  15. Human health III (mental health and addiction)

  16. Mineral nutrition

  17. Microbes in human welfare

  18. reproduction in organism

  19. Respiratory gas exchange

  20. Celldivision and cell cycle

  21. Excretory product and their elimination

  22. Biodiversity and its conservation

  23. Biology Researchers and Invention

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