NEET Biology multiple choice questions (mcq)

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Tips to study biology and care while solving mcq's

Studying biology is every easy and interesting however preparing for NEET exams requires special effort and is time consuming. One have to practically memorize entire text book along with diagram and extra information, enable you to answer question within 45sec during neet exam.
Here are some tips on how to study biology effectively and remember the data and concepts:
Read and review your textbook regularly: Biology textbooks are often full of information, so it's important to read text book regularly to help you remember it. Use techniques like highlighting, taking notes, and summarizing the main points. Compare what you have jotted down in notes with text book to check important data or concept missed. Under line in text book what you have missed while reading text book.
Pay attention to diagram. Draw them name them study locations of organelles or components
Practice with questions:
Solve practice questions given in which will provide many questions of different type such as data based Assertion and reasoning etc . this is especially important for memorizing details like scientific names, processes, and definitions. If your response turned wrong mark all such errors in your text book at relevant page
Find overlapping concept : You canfind overlapping concept if you find same scientific word is appearing in other topic. Once it is identified then find the interdependence or corelation of the concept. This will help you solve HOT’s.

When it comes to solving multiple-choice questions in biology, here are some precautions to take:
1. Read question carefully look for important scientific words and also word “not” exception” that give you clues about the correct answer.
2. Eliminate wrong answers: If you're not sure of the correct answer, eliminate the wrong options. Then focus on remaining options once again read question to guessing correct answer.
3. Sometimes very simple questions are asked and the correct answer is the most cases is straightforward and comes to your mind immediately, and we get confused, how come exam can have a simple question?. If you overthink the question you will come up with a wrong answer.
4. Take your time to avoid careless mistakes and loose your admission by 1 mark
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