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Question Q136) When 100 ml of (M/10) H2SO4 is mixed with 500 ml of (M/10) NaOH then nature of resulting solution and normality ofexcess of reactant left is


Reaction is H2SO4 + 2NaOH → Na2SO4+ 2H2O
One mole of H2SO4 reacts with 2 moles of NaOH
Since both the solution have same concentration
100 ml of H2SO4 will neutralize 200 mLof NaOH
Thus 300 mL of NaOH of 0.1M will remain reacted =0.03mole of NaOH
But after adding both the reactant volume of solution= 100+ 500 = 600 mL
And mixture have 0.03 mole of NaOH
∴molarity of NaOH =
600mL =0.03 mole
1000 mL = N/20
∴ mixture will be basic, N/20
Answer: (b)