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Q73) 1.25g of solid dibasic acid is completely neutralised by 25mL of 0.25 molar Ba(OH)2 solution. Molecular mass of the acid is ... [ NTSE 1991]


0.25 M Ba(OH)2=0.5N Na(OH)2 [ As it's acidity is 2]
25 mL of 0.5 N Ba(OH)2 neutralize acid=1.25 g
∴ 25 mL of 1 N Ba(OH)2 will neutralize acid=2.5 g
∴ 1000 mL of 1 N Ba(OH)2 will neutralize acid=100 g
Calculation is on the basis of 1 N solution, Eq. Wt of acid=100
and Molecular weight=100 × 2=200
Answer: (d)