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Q86) Mixture X=0.02 mol of [ Co(NH3)5SO4]Br and 0.02 mol of [CO(NH3)5Br]SO4 was prepared in 2 litre of solution
1 litre of mixture X + excess AgNO3 → Y
l litre of mixture X + excess BaCl2 → Z
number of moles of Y and Z are .. [ IIT 2003]


Mixture X contains 0.02 mol Br- ion and 0.02 mol SO4- ions in 2 L solution.
Hence 1L of mixture X will contain 0.01 mol Br- and SO4- ions.
With excess of AgNO3 , 0.01 mol of AgbR i.e. Y is formed.
With excess of BaCl2, 0.01 mol of BaSO4 i.e. Z is formed
Answer: (a)